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Our clientele consists of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) up to international / multinational corporations. Above all, specialists and executives as well as project managers from (international) personnel management but also from top and line management rely on our services for our customers.

We support companies from the following industries: 

  • Advertising agencies

  • Banks and private equity / venture capital companies

  • Biotechnology (manufacturer & supplier)

  • Chemistry

  • Construction company and building materials manufacturer

  • Consulting companies (IT, Management & Strategy, Technology Services and Outsourcing)

  • Consumer goods (foods, watches, consumer electronics, etc.)

  • Electrical engineering

  • Engineering service companies (civil engineering, building construction, special engineering and tunneling)

  • Fashion & clothing

  • Health care services

  • High-tech

  • Industry - various areas, such a mechanical engineering, plant construction in the field of power plants, steams and water turbines, international engineering, assembly projects)

  • International NGO's

  • Insurances and Re-Insurance companies

  • Media

  • Medical

  • Pharma (manufacturer & supplier)

  • Power supply

  • Rail vehicle manufacturer and supplier

  • Software

  • Travel, transport and logistics

  • Telecommunications

  • Universities & international research facilties

We are pleased to announce that a large number of small and medium-sized and large Swiss and international companies operating internationally, some for many years, are clients of Mr. Daugalies and his team and still rely on the services of ACENTUM today. Many of these customer relationships have existed for well over a decade.

Swiss subsidiaries and also German headquarters of numerous DAX, M and T-Dax companies have been successfully supported by Marco Daugalies and his team for many years. In addition, there are a large number of Swiss branches and, in particular, EMEA and International Headquarters (throughout Switzerland) of numerous US Fortune Global 500 companies as well as international companies from a wide variety of countries. These include not only almost all European countries but also companies from Australia. Brazil, China, Dubai / UAE, Hong Kong, India, Canada, Malaysia, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, etc..