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For our private clients (especially entrepreneurs, executives / expatriates, wealthy individuals, etc.), but also for companies (f.e. family offices, etc.) we offer a special service portfolio with our Executive & Family Office Services in order to make life as comfortable and liveable as possible for this usually busy clientele. These include in particular the following services:

The experienced and trusted ACENTUM Concierge team look after your property, house, apartment, garden, pool, but also look after pets, etc. during your absence and are happy to coordinate or supervise during your absence also f.e. for maintenance, renovation, gardening and renovation works.


We are happy to find for you staff for home and garden, driver as a chauffeur (for temporary employment - for example because of health restrictions (such as broken leg etc.), temporary driving license withdrawal and temporary or long-term as a chauffeur (possibly with additional tasks such as gardener and caretaker), qualified Nannys as well as cleaners.


For your wedding, birthday, anniversary, inauguration or dinner party, other theme parties. «Welcome-Summer Partys» or «Good-Bye Summer Partys» we organize the event for you in full and in close cooperation. So we organize and coordinate e.g. Catering, decoration, service personnel, music (acts) and on request and if you do not want to celebrate with them at home, also an external location which is optimally selected on the basis of your event.

You are looking for something "special" or simply do not want to worry about the complex planning and booking, but only travel and enjoy on the spot and be sure that everything works. We also book for you on-site transfers abroad (for example, to /from the airport, hotel, restaurant, event location etc.) and during your stay, special events, restaurant and theater bookings.


You want to come home and feel good immediately, without having to forgo comfort (for example, having to go shopping after return from a trip). We make sure that you feel comfortable right after your return home: eg. with fresh flowers, freshly groceries (fresh fruits etc.) in the fridge, your favorite champagne ready for your arrival in the ice cooler and other amenities you will want upon your return.

Are you looking for a new boat and / or a mooring for your boat or are you looking for caring for your four-legged friends (dogs, cats, horses) during your absence, a loving shelter or support (such as dog training, vet visits, etc.)? But even if you (short term) looking for a personal trainer or trainer, language trainer (e.g. English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and other languages) or looking for staff for their household, we help you with our excellent network also in the short term for your needs to find the best support or solution for your needs.


​If you have any further needs beyond the above mentioned services, please ask us.

We look forward to assisting you:

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