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Our guide RELOCATION TO SWITZERLAND (edition 2024) is currently being updated and will appear with the 2024 edition in July, 2024.

If you want to be notified automatically after updating, please let us know by e-mail cityguides(at) or please leave a message in the message box below.

Are you considering or definitely planning to relocate to Switzerland?

We at ACENTUM, as a company that has specialized for many years, are at your disposal for your questions and needs with commitment, our detailed knowledge and our valuable contacts within whole Switzerland but also worldwide.

guide "Relocation to Switzerland" is a helpful guide for possible initial clarifications and decisions and helps you in particular to maintain a clear overview of the most important issues.

We are happy to advise and support you in your preparations, obtaining work and residence permits, clarifying important tax, social security
and general legal issues for you (this includes, for example possible exit taxation (possible up to 5 years after relocation), inheritance tax issues and optimization of this burden by choosing the "right" place of residence in Switzerland, tax calculations on the basis of individual places of residence in Switzerland (it should be noted that the state and municipal tax burden in Switzerland varies depending on the individual (potential) municipality of residence, as each municipality in Switzerland determines its own tax rate (in Switzerland the so-called "tax rate" as a basis).

With the ACENTUM experts and our specialized cooperation partners from all involved, sometimes very complex, subject areas, you have the right and competent contacts for your "relocation to Switzerland" project, who will accompany and support you step by step.

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