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ACENTUM offers companies that want to move all or parts of their business to Switzerland, based on our many years of experience, entrepreneurial and distinctive strategic consulting as well as competent and committed project management.

Take advantage of our many years of know-how and our local anchoring in the market and thus create an excellent and noticeable added value right from the start in order to steer your demanding project in a timely manner and as optimally as possible, thus leading to success. We support you in defining and, in particular, evaluating the most important criteria for the right location for your company. After determining the right location, we support you in an uplifting phase in the selection of the appropriate premises, for rent or purchase, and if desired then also with the involvement of our very experienced project management in relocation and collection and in the optimization of the necessary infrastructure.

Our modular combinable services include:   

  • Strategic advice on resettlement (including our network of specialists from the most diverse areas: Real estate, lawyer, notary and tax consulting services, banking, insurances etc.)

  • Location consulting (for the whole of Switzerland)

  • Property search (for rent or purchase)

  • Development and expansion of the required infrastructure

  • Move management

Through its many years of experience, ACENTUM quickly and accurately identifies its individual business needs and finds the best available business premises (offices, production facilities, warehouses, etc.) in a professional and efficient manner, including our many years of excellent contacts with the leading real estate specialists in the field of commercial real estate. The focus of our services in this area is on the search for the suitable location (including advance and joint talks with the cantonal and regional economic promoters and representatives on tax, duties, fees and work permits) and then on the appropriate business real estate as well as on the Development and expansion of the entire business infrastructure.

Strategic advice on resettlement

We have a broad and well-founded range of knowledge
and the necessary contacts to all involved stakeholders
from the most different cantons and at the federal level,
so that they can make the best possible location decis
for their company with our support. Benefit from our know-
ledge and our many years of experience, for the benefit
of your company!

Site evaluation
For us, we define and analyze the most important criteria that are crucial for choosing the right location. In particular, basic factors include: basic feasibility, tax aspects, availability of local labor and availability of work permits for employees to be posted to Switzerland, available real estate market and general differences between individual Swiss cantons and municipalities. We work together with experienced specialists on this topic, including questions about taxes and duties.

"It is very important for us to emphasize that through our independence we offer our customers neutral and objective advice at any time in finding their new potential company location."


Property search
Our many years of experience and our very good contacts in the local real estate market enable us to find the best possible, ideal property for the very individual needs of our customers.
We define for them a concrete catalog of requirements, with which we support our customers with the search for the searched real estates (for rent or for purchase) and beside the Pre-selection also with the inspection of possible objects, advise with the contract negotiations and offer our customers further extensive Support in connection with the entry into the commercial real estate With a clearly formulated catalog of requirements we support companies in the concrete search for suitable properties - for rent or for purchase. We accompany our customers during the inspection of possible objects, advise on contract negotiations and provide assistance with the purchase of the property.

Development and expansion of the infrastructure
We undertake individual planning and comprehensive project management for new construction, conversion or extension projects for the selected property.
These include, among others, the following activities:

• Definition of goals and measures
• Negotiations and contract handling with involved specialists
• Overall coordination and supervision of new or remodeling work
• Advice on the necessary infrastructure and equipment
• Coordinate the selection and installation of IT and telecommunications
• Preparing for the purchase of the commercial property and ensuring operational readiness

Relocation management
We have been working closely and confidently with local and international moving companies for years, giving us the best possible market overview, which gives you the advantage of being able to realize the best possible prices for your business. We gladly assist you in the selection of service providers and coordinate the entire company relocation (including the time-consuming and sometimes complex administrative clarifications, such as customs clearance, etc.).

Here are some of the key reasons that speak for a business location
in Switzerland:

Innovation and Technology - hotspot for research and development
The Swiss universities and research institutions are world-class. So the e.g. ETH Zurich regularly ranks in various rankings as one of the world's best universities and the best university in continental Europe. But also the other universities such. the University of Zurich, EPFL Lausanne and the IMD also in Lausanne and the University of St. Gallen (HSG) have an excellent reputation worldwide.

• Leading industry clusters
• Strong education system

• Security and trust
• Reliable governance
• Liberal labor market
• Sound financial and capital market
• Attractive tax situation
• Simple startup

Environment and life
• Excellent quality of life
• International environment
• Reliable infrastructure

Switzerland Global Enterprise, Handbook for Investors 2023
- Business location Switzerland

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