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Quality, integrity and professional behavior are the cornerstones of our daily work.

In today's ever-changing world, services, products, but also the fast pace and ever-increasing need for flexibility, as well as short-termism, are constantly evolving in terms of defining workforce location and time, work environment and methods. We respond to this change with our clear ethical and behavioral principles.
In particular, our clients and employees expect from ACENTUM that our actions are based on generally accepted values. Our clients and employees trust in this, so it is particularly important that we justify this trust through our clear and reliable actions.

With the ethical and behavioral principles, we define the guidelines for our actions for ourselves and thereby fulfill the expectations of our clients, colleagues and the other involved stakeholders (such as authorities and cooperation partners). Honesty, sincerity and quality are among the most important promises made to our clients, employees and other business partners. By doing so, you can rest assured that ACENTUM will abide by applicable laws, treat all data and information entrusted to us in a professional manner, and always be independent, so that we can always deliver top performance to our clients.

We pursue our goals in partnership. In order to fill our values ​​entrepreneurial spirit, empathy, quality and excellence with life, we work in cooperation with customers and employees on the following principles defined by us:

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Flat hierachies &
career oppertunities

Thanks to our flat hierarchy and an open and direct communication culture, our employees can always make their voices heard in an uncomplicated manner and there are good opportunities for advancement.

Education programms

The best possible employability through professional development is not only in the interests of our employees, but also in our own interests. For this reason,
ACENTUM constantly promotes this.
We are certain that well-trained and motivated employees are the basis for ACENTUM's long-term competitiveness and success.


Employee benefits

We offer our employees various benefits from numerous companies
and providers.


Staff events

The familiar and pleasant atmosphere at ACENTUM is very important to us. We promote this every day through an open and respectful company culture, but also with company and team events. These events give us the opportunity to thank you personally for your great performance and daily commitment.


Public transport discounts

As an environmentally conscious company, we also encourage the use of public transportation. Depending on the place and category of employment, ACENTUM participates in a local BonusPass (e.g. from the ZVV). The ZVV-BonusPass is valid for rail, streetcar, bus and boat travel throughout the Zurich transport network and also as a Z-BonusPass in the fare networks of neighboring cantons. With the ZVV/Z-BonusPass, you can also enjoy an unlimited travelcard for the entire ZVV network at no extra charge. The workload must be at least 50%.


Parking spaces

Parking spaces are available to our employees at certain locations, some of them
free of charge.

Work anniversary

Placement of a new employee

Pension fund

ACENTUM is affiliated with one of Switzerland's leading and renowned employee benefit institutions.
The conditions and the contributions paid by ACENTUM are advantageous for employees. Our aim is to achieve a better position in the occupational pension scheme for our employees.

Long-standing, highly qualified and highly motivated employees are essential for the long-term success of ACENTUM. 
For this reason, we like to express and honor our appreciation for this anniversaries for a long period of employment with generous anniversary gifts.

A company is only as successful as its employees. At ACENTUM, we are proud that we can rely on the commitment and expertise of our highly motivated and highly qualified employees every day. For this reason, we pay our employees a placement bonus for the successful placement of new employees, depending on the position.

Client oriented

ABOUT US - VALUES - Client oriented


ABOUT US - VALUES - Client oriented

Client oriented

We always give our clients the best and the best we have to offer as a professional consulting firm and entrepreneurial people - to not only reach their expectations, but to exceed them whenever possible. We focus on what we do best, our services, and offer tailored solutions. We are looking for the "WOW" effect. We treat questions and requests of our customers quickly and responsibly and always think a few steps ahead for our clients. We act in their interest as trustworthy and loyal business partners. Above all, we want our clients to talk about us well, convincing them of the quality and professionalism of our work.



We are proud of our entrepreneurial spirit. In order to achieve the best possible results for our customers and to accept and master the challenges posed by them, we rely on our always exceptionally committed commitment, including our long-established network of relationships. We strive to develop innovative solutions and stand for tangible and measurable results.



Our findings, conclusions and recommendations are the result of sound analysis and fact-based approaches. We create new perspectives and fight for our point of view, if we are convinced that it is in the best interests of our customers.



Consulting is teamwork, because only in a team can we bring out the full spectrum of our capabilities and achieve excellence. In the acquisition and occupation of new projects, the "right mix" of those involved is our top priority. We condemn selfishness and any form of selfishness. We always act consistently and in partnership, always achieving the goal and optimal results for our customers.

VALUES - relevant


We commit ourselves to constantly increase our professional relevance and to expand our functional know-how. We build relationship and expert networks as well as our own knowledge to collectively understand our clients' most pressing problems and anticipate their needs. We have the utmost respect for the confidential information of our customers and our own company.



We want to win and keep the best talents for ourselves. We commit ourselves to actively support the personal and professional development of our employees. We help them grow: in their knowledge, their know-how and their personality. We are open to their needs and suggestions and support them through training, education and regular feedback. We understand ourselves as a performance community.

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We lead with professional commitment and passion to inspire our customers and employees for ACENTUM. We cultivate the passion for our profession, the joy of creating and the ambition to realize these dreams. We stand by our word and act transparently. We appreciate the open discussion in decision-making. But if a decision has been made, we stand by the decisions of our community and will initiate all necessary steps. We reinforce our values ​​by keeping our promises.

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We are a diverse community and feel that diversity is strength. Heterogeneity is our trademark. We value other perspectives and feedback to further improve. Neither ourselves nor others allow us to express ourselves negatively about employees of our company. We act in modesty - internally and towards our customers.

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We commit ourselves to tolerance and human dignity, everywhere and at all times.
We promote corporate social responsibility. We respect the different cultures and circumstances of the countries and the clients we work for. We act honestly and with integrity.

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We are proud of what ACENTUM stands for and the achievements of our company and its employees.
We create a positive and appreciative work environment to promote excellence. We celebrate joint successes. They strengthen our identity and our values. We strive to make our community stronger tomorrow than it ever was yesterday.

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